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Why Choose Us?

A healthy dog is a happy dog –

A solid, nutritious diet is a huge part of that. OPA is a team of animal lovers and parents, and our dog food services are unparalleled in everything, from taste, to preparation, to delivery.

  • Natural, fresh, preservative free ingredients, assembled with love and utmost care.
  • Recipes that are based on thorough research, and are vet-approved.
  • Freshly cooked and healthy food, tailor made to get your dog on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

How it works -

Step 1- Placing your order

You can do this one of three ways; over call, through the app, or from the website.
Simply choose your preferred meal plan, make your payment, and we’ll take it from there!

Step 2 - A short wait

We have bi-weekly deliveries, and to the ensure quality and freshness, we cook your dog’s food the same day as it is delivered.

Step 3

Top-notch dog food delivered right to your doorstep That’s it! Serve up a doggilicious, ready-to-eat meal, or pop it in the refrigerator for later use!

Our Pawlicking recipes


All our food is cooked and packaged in strict adherence to the FSSAI standards of hygiene, just as we would do for any human.


We use only fresh, organically grown ingredients – ethically sourced, ethically grown, and unparalleled in quality.


Our food is cooked on the day of delivery to ensued freshness, and vacuum sealed to maintain it, completely eliminating the need for preservatives of any kind.


All our recipes maintain a curated balance of carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals, with ingredients chosen specifically for canine nutrition needs and palates.


We provide carefully crafted recipes that cater to all canine needs, ranging from age and size, to dietary preferences and health restrictions and requirements.


All our ingredients and recipes are chosen and created in collaboration with and with the approval of veterinary professionals.

Browse our recipes and choose which one would be best for your pooch.You can choose between chicken or mutton as your primary protein preference –

We take cooking seriously.

All our recipes are made in a rich and flavourful broth made from a variety of high grade meats and vegetables, and we use slow cooking methods to maximise the nutrition and flavour retained in the food.

Ingredients we use and why

Ingredients we use and why